Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Roll, Baby!

(that means links we like)

If you're looking for more sports blogs dripping with sarcasm, may we make the following suggestions:

Fire Joe Morgan
Maybe not the original, but still the best. We'll leave it here just in case it ever comes back.

The sarcasm of FJM combined with the analysis of BP, with lots of fantasy resources and raw numbers. Updates multiple times daily.

Fantasy Sports Counselor
Fantasy Sports help. Professional help. Get on his couch.

Baseball Prospectus
Okay, so it's a pay site. Still, they certainly know what they're talking about and the writing's usually interesting. Updates multiple times daily.

National Football Post
The web's best-kept football blog secret. Good fantasy analysis and other insights into the game itself. Updates daily.

Advanced NFL Stats
The fangraphs.com of NFL stats, with some other sports stuff thrown in as the author sees fit. Updates a few times a week, more during football season.

Football Outsiders
The football version of Baseball Prospectus; just pro stats. Updates daily during the season.

Pretty good site on the numbers side of pro basketball. Updates weekly, more or less, during the season.

Basketball Prospectus
Like Baseball Prospectus, only for pro and college basketball. And free. Updates a couple of times daily during the season.

Ken Pomeroy
Good source for the raw numbers Basketball Prospectus uses. May be useful for March Madness purposes, not that it's ever helped me. Updates daily in season.

The X's & O's of Basketball
A coach's perspective on the finer points of basketball; usually breaks down a game or a sequence a day. Interesting insights for the would-be know-it-all fan; updates daily.

Hometown Hornets
Two of my college friends blog about everyone's favorite insect-named franchise. Updates whenever they feel like it (usually once a week in season).

Awful Announcing
"Putting announcers on notice since 2006". Home of the world-famous Pammy Awards (mocking the worst of the worst in college football announcing) and other broadcasting-related gaffes. Updates daily.

A one-stop sports blog -- think ESPN for the callously cynical. Updates all the time.

The Sports Guy
Podcasts and articles from Bill Simmons, ESPN's resident Bostonian-cum-80s-movie-referencer. Updates a couple times a week.

Uni Watch Blog
Paul Lukas' "athletic aesthetics" blog, an extension of his work over on ESPN.com's Page 2. Updates daily.

Bush League Factor
Ragging on minor league baseball and hockey logos. Really funny; updates more or less weekly. Read more...

What the hell is this thing?

How it works:

It's really a bit of an experiment.

It's been debated at length elsewhere, we're sure, but how the hell does actual sports knowledge play into fantasy sports success? Bryan says: "A lot." Rob says: "The opposite of a lot." So two roommates on the opposite ends of the fanship spectrum will do battle on the hallowed field of pretend athleticism and see who will eat the most crow. Spiced with blood, sweat, and beer.

Both Rob and Bryan will enter the same head-to-head Fantasy Football league and both will participate in live drafts. Their teams will be listed on the Our Teams page and updated as trades, adds, and drops occur.

From there, they'll update on how they're doing in their league, and more importantly, against each other. And because everyone's a fan of a little irreverence, they'll be sure to share with you their thoughts on all the sportscasting flubs, ridiculous headlines, and insipid commercials as they happen to come along.

So sit back, crack a cold one, and watch the insanity unfold.

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Who We Are:


When I was still too young to know better, my father passed down to me the family curse: the Boston Red Sox. Like him and his father before, I grew up loving Mo, Nomah, and Pedro; cursing the Yankees, who were always one step ahead; and perpetually expecting the worst. Four years rooting for the Saints, the Hornets, and the Green Wave further cemented my pessimism. Despite all this, I've always enjoyed sports and (being mathematically inclined) loved the "Moneyball"-inspired idea that you can quantify sports and show why one team is better than the other, rather than just declaring, "They wanted it more," or whatever. I consider myself reasonably intelligent and cannot fathom why my fantasy teams always suck, despite my best efforts and research.

I blame the Red Sox.

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When he was just in third grade, after riding the pine all season, Rob hit a triple in his little league city championship, driving home the winning runs. And thus peaked, and pretty much ended, his illustrious sports endeavors. His attentions instead turned to Stanley Kubrick films, Temptations records, gentleman canes, and other decidedly non-sportsy things. And despite family outings to Fenway Park and the die-hard devotion to New England sports teams of all his friends and family (trust him, all of them), Rob has kept his interests and efforts on the sidelines. But all that is about to change. Because Rob wagers that he can beat his foam finger-wearing roommate in the sham of fantasy sports with one beer behind his back. With no research. No avid fanship. And almost zero fantasy experience.

And away we go.

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