Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Insert Cleat to Mouth

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Current Standing: 4-3, 7th overall

Well, it looks like my team will be going through even more changes than expected this week. Not only was it announced today that TE Chris Cooley is out for the season, but now RB Larry Johnson has been barred by the Chiefs from any further activity with the team. Why? Because he used Twitter to insult his coach, Todd Haley. That's it? Oh, and gays too. There you go.

A quick visit to Johnson's twitter page reveals that he does protect who can see his tweets, but c'mon, Larry. It takes a pretty big jackass to cook this up. This isn't some moment-of-anger outburst, you took the time to type this up. And what, none of your 2,313 followers are going to notice?

As a fantasy owner, I ain't exactly devastated. Larry Johnson has sucked pretty hard this year, with only one week breaking the double digit line. But it's just getting to the point where I need to fill positions. Westbrook, questionable. Cooley, out. Johnson, out. Wayne, questionable. W. T. F. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be on the waiver wire. I hear there are some straws to grasp.

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