Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bad News, Ladies

-To the moon, Alice!-

Current Standing: 4-5, 7th overall

It's been a couple of miserable weeks for me and the Sweet Fancy Moses. A close margin loss followed by a total team shut down. It's hard to keep one's spirits up going into the final stretch. That's when I found this story. It makes me feel a little better. Tom Cable is being investigated by the NFL for abuse. Yep, not alcohol abuse or drug abuse, just straight up, old-fashioned, tell-people-you-fell-down-the-stairs abuse.

Cable is a time traveling Mutant with a cyborg arm and is actually the son of-- oh, oh. He's just the head coach of the Raiders. Oh, well so what if he roughed up a few of his guys? It's Oakland! They suck. You never saw the Coach where Craig T. Nelson water boarded that Dobber guy? C'mon. Oh, women too? Uh oh.

The Seattle times reported last week that an ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are coming forward saying that Cable abused them too. Not good. ESPN said a thousand times last night, pre-MNF, that this isn't a police matter and that the NFL is just looking into it? Why? It ain't their job to be some Scooby-Doo A-Team crack squad that goes around solving crimes under the fuzz's nose. They want to "privately" investigate it so they can smear it all over their national broadcasts? I don't know, the guy's probably a bastard, just seems a little fishy though.

Man, this story's a downer. I think I just really liked that Craig T. Nelson joke. Ah, well. Cole, cheer us up.

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  1. Well the reports are probably true. In August he fractured his asst coach, Randy Hanson's jaw. His stats aren't great, but until he starts doing really awful they'll never fire him. EVERY coach verbally abuses their players, and some probably abuse them too. It's the name of the game. All that matters is the stats.