Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gimme Five

-Up high! Down low! Too SLOW! ...That'll be five yards.-

Current Standing: 5-6, 8th overall

Nothing screams rompin' good fun like an official statement to the press dispelling the occurrence of a high five.

This week, the media was abuzz with an apparent high five that occured between QB Vince Young and ref Jerome Boger at the end of Titans/Texans MNF. I love stuff like this. Honestly, it looks like a coincidence, but it comes at just the right time where there's little buzzes floating around about refs favoring certain players and all that kinda nonsense/reality. Yee Haw! Eat it up, sports media outlets! I'm gonna run and grab Chris Berman a bib.

Of course, NFL suits are falling over themselves trying to deny it. Happenstance, they say. Serendipitous, yet unintentional, palm slapping. Perfectly understandable. The NFL then added, "Tweet about this, and we'll kill you."

Below is really, REALLY bad footage of it happening. Is it true? A hoax?! YOU decide!

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. This footage looks familiar... I could swear I've seen this camera work before...

Well, and there you have. That proves it. Pure, unadulterated FACT.

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  1. Well, the official statement is that Boger was only making an administrative gesture, and began to put his hand down as Young came over and high-fived him. Honestly though, if he really was favoring Young would he be stupid enough to celebrate right on the feild?