Thursday, November 12, 2009

Step Away from the C

-Your face is gonna stay like that.-

Current Standing: 4-5, 7th overall

I'll be honest, I miss watchin' the Sox a little bit. They were a pretty miserable team in '09, but there's something special about kickin' back with Cole and a beer after work and watching Terry Francona chew a lot. But ask any diehard fan, dollars to dunkin' donuts, the Sox need to clean house a bit. Well, allow me to hijack a popular Sox Nation mantra: Maybe next year.

This week, it was confirmed that both pitcher Tim Wakefield and catcher (and captain) Jason Varitek would be returning to the team in 2010. Fantastic.

There's no doubt that the Red Sox organization is a pretty sentimental one. Many-a-plan to knock down and rebuild Fenway have been rejected, and, as you can see, Theo Epstein tends to hang to on players for quite a while. But I'm starting to lose my patience a little bit with this pack-rat staffing model. Our back up catcher slot didn't keep us from the World Series. And, Wake, I like ya, but there just might be a better 5th starter out there. And V-Tek can just decide to come back himself for less money, even after the organization passes on him. What is that? That's like showing up to a party with an invitation you made for yourself. Oooh, glitter.

Still, Victor Martinez is a good sign. And I'm still hopeful about getting Jason Bay back. And I keep hearing something about some Halladay pitcher guy. So, c'mon Sox business-types, let's start focusing on getting this roster ready to rock in something other than a chair.

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