Wednesday, December 16, 2009


-That's one suspicious tie.-

Current Standing: 8-6, 4th overall

Let's face it, you can't be a sports blog right now unless Tiger Woods is on it. We've checked with lawyers. It's the law. So here's our obligatory Tiger Woods post. And if you call right now, we'll include our very first SSFA! golf post... FREE!

Actually, there's actually good news to report for Tiger Woods fans: he'll be playing again soon. Just few days after it was announced on his website that he's taking an indefinite leave from golf, his scorned many times over again (and again) wife may have him back on the links sooner than you think. She's gonna take half of his money.

Reports are that Elin Nodegren (which is also the model of my desk from Ikea) wants to split the 337.5 million Tiger's earned during their marriage right down the middle. Oh, wait... that's in pounds? Well, she better stay away from the States, then. Her husband banged like two dozen different chicks, she deserves more than half of $37.50.

So, I get the feeling Tiger will be back puttin' through the ol' miniature windmills sooner than he thinks. He's probably going to have to re-think some of his endorsements, though. Hell, Ambien is trying to get over that whole killing Heath Ledger thing, they should be jumping all over this! But seriously, leave you're new favorite Tiger Woods endorsement products in the comments. Funniest one gets a brand new unicorn. Made of ice cream.

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