Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sabbath Day Spectacular: Live!

-Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. Can't we settle on a handshake?-

Join us one and all for one damn good fantasy football showdown! Our authors Cole and RWPilk are locked head-to-head in an end-all, be-all playoff battle! Who will win? Who's fantasy sports theory will have to eat the most crow? It's all come down to this! Our brave scribes will update throughout today with live updates on their score as today's NFL happenings will seal their fates forever! So, keep that refresh button ready (most recent updates at the top) and watch all the insanity unfold! It's on!

Live Score:
Cole's Flabby-Armed Spanking Machine: 59
RWPilk's Sweet Fancy Moses: 92

-total Sunday score-
I'm lucking out here with two fumbles by Cole's guys early in the 1pm game. RBs Johnson and Foster with the butter fingers... Meanwhile in the Patriots game, Bills look like they could give them a little trouble. But it at least look like Moss is paying attention this week.

Current Standing: 11-3, 1st Overall

I really expected a lot of trash talking, but mercifully both parties seem to be playing the humble defeatist card, trying to out-woe the other all weekend. It's another battle I'm prepared to lose this weekend, and as I shiver in my still-heatless room, I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. Rob has a 49-10 advantage on me with Brees, Austin and Wayne down; mercifully, that's most of his big guns, but it still means I'll have to have a very good week in order to beat him, especially given the five points I got from both the Saints' defense and kicker.

Couple of last-minute audibles: Matt Forte finds the bench -- again -- in favor of Arian Foster of Houston, while Antonio Bryant of Tampa Bay replaces the off-again, off-some-more-again Calvin Johnson who should see quadruple coverage against the Cardinals.

Oh well. At least the house Christmas party means that I've started drinking already.

Current Standing: 8-6, 4th overall

I can't tell if I'm in good shape or not. While WR Reggie Wayne and WR Miles Austin were pretty great... however Brees just barely got into double digits with 11 points. Not good. Still, there's a lot of football left. My score won't change until after 4pm EST... But here's hoping that Cole's team doesn't get too far ahead before that happens. Yikes.


  1. Good to see you two nancys crawl out of your moms' basements again and do some live blogging. Fancy boy Cole made a big mistake benching Forte - stick with who got you there. Looks like Pilk will prevail with a big upset today. Easy at the Christmas party boys - it's a long holiday week.

  2. I got there DESPITE Forte, thank you very much. I got there with Chris Johnson and Ray Rice and they're both starting.

  3. Pipe down chorus boy. Have sone decaf. Johnson's gonna have a tough day vs. Miami. Enjoy the eggnog.

  4. You wait. By the end of the day Chris Johnson will reassert himself as master of the house, doling out the charm.

  5. 13 points for CJ ain't gonna make it, Sparky. Should have started Garrard too - that 24 point score is gonna look pretty sweet at the end of the day.

    I thought this was gonna be a "live" blog, no? Just sayin'...

  6. Thirteen is decent... I'm still scared. If one of my RBs scores 13, you let me know.

    Yeah... we kinda dropped the ball on that. We're drinking and had company for a while. Our TV was taken over. We may carry this over to MNF.