Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is a fantasy football blog, right?

-What? This isn't what you're talking about?-

After nearly a month of speculation, wheel-spinning, and tiny ship-in-a-bottle building, Cole and RWPilk are finally upon their fantasy football draft, happening tonight at 8:30pm EST. Let's go to them now for some pre-draft thoughts, shall we?

Draft Pick Position: 3rd

It's no stretch to say I'm excited about the football season. The beginning of a new football season is always full of possibility and promise. Fresh rosters! Nobody injured! Sleepers full of upside! All that crap!

As far as stategory goes, inspired by my other league, I'm going to overload on running backs or wide receivers and try to trade like the wind. Beyond that? My main plan is to get Rob and Gina drinking, and hope they think Jonathan Stewart will be splitting carries with Stephen Colbert.

Draft Pick Position: 4th

So, tonight is the big night, the fantasy draft. I've done no research, have no one I really have an eye on, and am unaware of any tried-and-true draft strategies that would help me. Am I worried? Nah. While Cole will be spread out all over the floor with with magazines and websites and his construction paper and glitter, conjuring up some super critical 14th round, backup kicker pick, I'll be puttin' my feet up and taking it easy. While I may not know any upcoming guys from the '09 NFL Draft, I know enough key names to populate a decent bench. Besides, how many 1st draft football players do anything in their first year? Goose egg, that's how many. And when in doubt, I trust the rankings. So, there you have it. It might not be pretty, but it'll work.

Non-alcoholic Draft Update:
Oh, what a draft. We laughed. We cried. Cole shook his fist and took our lord's name in vain. And then the draft got voided. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the draft was interrupted and was terminated before completion. For better or worse, it has been rescheduled for Sept. 2nd. Stay tuned, people.

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