Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mano y Manning

-"My forehead is still bigger than yours."-


Yesterday it was announced that professional scrappy underdog Eli Manning signed a record-breaking contract with the NY Giants. $97 million over six years, over $16 million a year, with a guaranteed zzzZZZzzz... Whatever. I fell asleep in my honey nut cheerios before the report even finished. But I almost choked on that real honey and natural almond flavor when the man on the TV said that Eli would now be earning more than his brother, Peyton.

I shuddered to think: Does this mean that now Eli will be taking up all of Peyton's commercial spots? Don't get me wrong, I usually hate athletes in commercials, but Peyton usually does a decent job at being funny avoids all the playboy, men's fragrance, Gatorade, just do it crap (video after the jump, not to mention his popular
SNL spoof). Will all this end now that his younger brother is earning more coin? For sake of my amusement, and MasterCard, I hope not.

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