Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something Else to Make Fun Of

- "Don't look at them, no matter what happens!" -

Current Standing: 2-1, 6th Overall

So Pilk wants to know who else he can make fun of. Let me begin by pointing out that "Pepper-Laced Poultry Abominations" is a good fantasy football team name or blog handle, for those in the market for either. Right up there with "Love of the Helmet", as Cris Collinsworth so eloquently put it in the Sunday night game this week.

Speaking of poultry abominations (bonus points for the segue!), may I continue by suggesting the Seattle Seahawks. For their game against the Bears, Seattle (heretofore the "Poultry Abominations") went out of their way to make themselves the most difficult team to watch in the entire NFL. As in, it is physically painful to watch people wear these uniforms. Like Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-face-melting painful.

What started as a cutesy April Fools' joke by everyone's favorite uniform critic culminated in an actual on-field debacle that made Disco Demolition Night look like a crowning achievement in promotional events.

There's not really a whole lot more to say: the uniforms are clearly ugly and that's that. I'll only add that I'm glad the Seahawks Poultry Abominations lost in gut-wrenching fashion (no pun intended), because otherwise they might be misconstrued as "lucky". And then we'd have to see them again.

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