Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This shall do for MLB news

-I believe that's a "venti".-

Current Standing: 1-2, 8th overall

Will the Sox make the wild card? Will Lester and Becket return and kick ass? Was it Tito Francona at the Green Monster with the Pesky Pole (pause)? From all residing Sox fans, the word on the street is "meh." Until the playoffs hit, baseball is in a bit a lull. But that's when the Travel Channel comes in. Yeah, seriously.

Ooh, our first SSFA! TV recommendation! I've been a fan of Man v Food for a while, and today ESPN is talking to the host/face-stuffer Adam Richman about tonight's episode in which he tours a bunch of ballparks to cram his hole with millions of dollars of heat lamped-warmed food (seriously, ballpark food is expensive). The show is a hoot and it's the only program you could show to a bunch of Somalian refugees and give them a stomach ache.

Adam is a cool guy. Watching this dude do what he does, you realize he's putting his life on the line to entertain you. Five pound burritos. Giant pancakes. Chicken wings that have to be made with a gas mask. A gas mask! This guy will eat them all. I sat down in watched this guy eat something like 180 oysters. For someone who must spend half his life clutching the porcelain chair and praying for sweet death, he's always happy to shuck another one down.

So tune in tonight, 10pm EST on the Travel channel. And bring Tums.

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