Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Is a Bell Not a Bell?

- The clapper's the easy part. The victories are gonna be tough. -

It's been that kind of 24 hours.

I walk in the door after 8 hours of travel on Labor Day and find out we don't have any hot water in the house, and haven't for a few days now. Terrific. I call maintenance right away and they don't send anyone until this morning -- half an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off.

"Try the hot water in about half an hour," he says. Great.

So while I'm waiting to take a shower I check to see exactly how badly Tulane lost Friday. It turns out they lost by 24, making me look brilliant (or, more to the point, mercifully not making me look like a blithering idiot). That's embarrassing enough, but then I saw the highlight video.

So the Superdome was mostly empty. Not much I can do about that. But I can (I think) help with that victory bell thing. I knew where that clapper was when I was at Tulane, and I know I can find it now. Stay tuned for some investigative reporting, SSFA! style.


  1. Colebaby, I was at the BC/NU game this weekend with the new roomie. When we left at the start of 4Q it was 47-0 BC. 47-0. So, count yourself lucky you didn't go to Northeastern.

  2. Wait, we had a victory bell?

  3. @Rob: I thank God every morning that I don't go to Northeastern. But that's not a conference game for Northeastern -- Tulane's supposed to be on (about) the same level as Tulsa.

    @Nat: Tulane insists we've had one for ever and ever. It used to be in Pocket Park. Then again, we used to have a white linen suit in the UC covered in paint. The paint was added by students (while Cowen was wearing it) after Tulane's undefeated season in 1998, but it disappeared during the renovations. Before the storm even.