Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bond Villain Buys Nets

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Oh, faithful SSFA! readers, brace yourselves for world domination.

The big NBA news this week is that Russia's richest man, Mikhail Prokhorov (yeah, I need a Ricola after saying that name) has taken a break from strapping James Bond to a circular saw to buy the greatest force the modern age has ever known: The New Jersey Nets.

You hear that? That's the sound of M and Bond shaking in their boots, just before Bond gets a tetanus shot so he can travel to New Jersey. The Nets? Seriously? Why would the most evil man in the world buy a team that landed 28 games behind the league leader Celtics last year (thanks to Cole for the stat)? Oh, we're not in the Cold War anymore? Well. Still.

After reading ESPN's article, I can't help but fantasize about this guy's evil world-conquering plans. Right in the text it says he was held for 4 days in France for a prostitution investigation and is seen in all the "glitzy" hot spots in Europe. How is this not out of an Ian Fleming novel? How does this guy not have a satellite laser pointed at Fort Knox or something?

My literary geekdom aside, there are mixed feelings over Russia's newest acquisition in the NBA community. On one hand, he's helping build a new stadium in Brooklyn. On the other, he's an overseas playboy who admitted on his blog he wants to buy the Nets to gain access to American basketball training to steal for Russian leagues. Sounds like a trustworthy guy. If I was Nets fan, my confidence would be shaken. Not stirred.

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