Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Greatest Ever. Cheer Up.

-Yeah. It's safe to shut your mouth now.-

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What up, peeps? All seems right in the world now that football is back in swing and fall is in the air. Cole and I are still working on a work flow that will include a Monday post (or two) to rock your sad little worlds. In the meantime, check out our teams and vote in that poll over there by the right. Yeah. Right there.

This story broke over the weekend, but people are still yappin' about it. A few years ago, my basketball-loving buddy told me that Michael Jordan wasn't exactly the epic, martian-smoking hero most remember so fondly from Space Jam and that actually, he's kinda a douche to fellow players and a competitive maniac with friends and family (including his kids). I kind of forgot about it, but MJ was inducted into the Hall of Fame last week, and something was a little familiar about it.

What most expected to be a tearful, triumphant cap to an incredible (albeit, sometimes bizarre) career, turned into a big, bitter "I told you so!" to everyone who's ever done his Airness any wrong since high school. Literally. In his acceptance speech, Jordan called out everyone from the high school coach who infamously cut him (“I wanted to make sure you understood: You made a mistake, dude.”) to Bryon Russell of Utah who called out Jordan during his White Sox stint (“From this day forward, if I ever see him in shorts, I’m coming at him.”).

Alright, granted: It's Michael freakin' Jordan and poking a little fun at some past haters ain't no crime. But isn't the Hall of Fame enough to relax a little? You're literally standing at the front of a massive room full of industry peers all agreeing that you're the best ever. You gotta settle the score with everyone who ever forgot to hold the door for you? Jordan was even thorough enough to take a jab at his kids. "I wouldn't want to be you tonight." You heard him, kids. You might as well move permanently into your parents' basement right now. Your old man is the best ever. The best! How you gonna come at that?

Always a good sport, Bryon Russell challenged Jordan to a one-on-one match after the speech, offering to play for one of Jordan's private jets. Cool! Maybe you and MJ can all fly it back to 1996 where both of you can find people who care.

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  1. Overshadowed in all the Jordan hoopla -- for like the millionth time in their careers -- was the induction of John Stockton, better known as "Why people knew about Gonzaga before their NCAA tournament runs". Stockton and Malone were like peanut butter and jelly for the woefully named Utah Jazz in the 1990s, so you'd expect the Mailman to attend Stockton's induction. Which he did, at least in part, family illnesses be damned. Now that's classy.