Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm confused! Can you take me home?!

-Go long. And stay off my lawn.-


Newsflash, oh faithful SSFA! readers: Brett Favre is kind of a jerk.

As of Tuesday night, press and fellow player alike were still abuzz with talk about Brett Favre's low hit to Texans' Eugene Wilson in the Monday night preseason game. Big whoop, right? It happens. It's basically a big, sweaty man blender out there at the line of scrimmage. You can make a mistake, as long as you take responsibility for it. Oh, wait. We're not doing that? I see.

"Believe me, my intentions were not to be cheap. . . . I'll be 40 years old in October and was weeding 13 days ago. I wasn't thinking about throwing blocks." Favre said when questioned about it. Aw, c'mon man. Where's "I'm sorry" in that sentence? You're gonna play the age card now? After you've wheeled and dealed your way into the Vikings organization, proclaiming how capable and vital you are to anyone who will listen, you're gonna play it like that? You're old? It doesn't count? It was past your bedtime? Sure, sure. We get it. You were weeding, of course! And confused. Right. Skipping an Ensure before game time can do that to a weary old veteran such as yourself. Understood. Here's your rocking chair, we'll wake you for practice.

Good god. It's gonna be a long season, Minnesota.

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  1. "A big, sweaty man blender"?!

    If ever there was a phrase in the English language that required a "pause" more than that, I really don't want to hear it.